Cloud Service Providers – Are They Worth It?

More and more cloud service providers are popping up. And whether it is for business or personal use, there is no lack of cloud computing options. While they serve a good purpose, are they the answer you or your business is looking for? Here is an objective look at cloud service providers, and whether you should be investing in their services.

Compare The Prices

As it stands, there is still a big price difference between running an in-house server and making a total switch to a cloud provider. Depending on the companies you are looking to approach, the cost of cloud computing will overshadow an in-house server.

However, the size of your business also comes into play and additional elements like added security and more options in terms of working remotely.

When it comes down to it, going with a cloud service provider holds many advantages, but the price needs to be justified. In other words, will it increase the productivity of your employees to such a degree that you will profit from cloud computing?

Complete Conversion Vs Hybrid System

Given that a business always has to be budget specific, they will definitely look to hybrid systems as well. This is when you still have an in-house server, and you only use the parts of a cloud base server applicable to your needs.

This way you get both of both worlds, and the price will most likely be less damaging on the budget.

Do The Advantages Justify The Price?

In some cases, it does. If you choose a solid and quality cloud service provider, like Sky LaaS ( for example, the advantages definitely justify the price. But you need to make the connections and how they will influence your business dynamic.

For instance, if your company doesn’t operate exclusively from an office or a singular building, cloud computing is incredibly beneficial. It allows you to take your business around the world and not confine you or your personnel to a desk.

There is also the matter of safety. Quality cloud service providers typically guarantee ironclad security. In fact, given the nature of their services, security is a priority that sticks at the top of the list.

And, of course, you don’t have to worry about any natural elements or fires damaging the server and throwing away valuable documentation and information, potentially bringing the company to its knees without proper backup systems in place.

Cloud Computing Makes A Lot Of Sense

When you think about the ease of accessibility, sharing and storing, not to mention the extra applications to increase productivity, using a cloud service provider makes a whole lot of sense.

But it doesn’t mean your business is at this level yet. Maybe you just require a hybrid system to start balancing things out. And when you make your final decision, you can easily take the step in any direction you feel comfortable with.

To answer the question on the worthiness of cloud service providers, they are definitely serving a productive purpose.