Month: May 2018

Labor Lawyers In Montreal – Choosing The Right One For You

There will always be complications where employers and employees are concerned. And while they get along, for the most part, some relationships just don’t work. In some cases, the employer is guilty of unfairly dismissing an employee. And sometimes, it’s the employee that had it coming.

But whether you are an employer or an employee, you are going to need the right team of lawyers in Montreal to fight your case. Because if you are dealing with a situation where the rules were broken, and you are on the losing end, you want people with experience to cover your back.

Seeing as a labor lawyer isn’t exactly something you need on a daily basis, you might be a little overwhelmed over where you should start.

1. They Should Specialize In Labor Law

Chances are there are quite a few lawyers in Montreal, and you need to narrow down this list to the lawyers that can actually mean something to you, like OLS Quebec (

More specifically, you want a lawyer or firm that specializes in labor law. Because just like you get different types of doctors, you get different types of lawyers, each with their own field of specialty. In this case, the specialty should be labor law.

Of course, you can speak to a divorce lawyer if you like, but your chances of winning drops significantly.

2. Experience And Reputation

After you’ve narrowed down the list of candidates, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Now you want to know how long they have been practicing labor law, and what type of reputation do they have? For example, are they regarded as lawyers who only like to settle and are scared of going to court? Or are they known for being aggressive and effective?

Additionally, you should find out what type of cases the lawyer has taken and how many of them did they get a positive result.

3. Schedule A Consultation

With a much smaller list, it gets easier to arrange a few consultations. However, you want to make sure that this consultation is for free. And this only makes sense, seeing as the lawyer needs to hear the case first before they can decide whether to take it.

So, chances are the consultation will be free, and it gives you and the lawyer the opportunity to look at the situation before going any further. And after you’ve been to a few of these, you can easily establish which lawyer or firm you need going forward.

4. How Do They Bill You?

Whatever you do, don’t forget to ask about the lawyer’s billing system. They don’t all work the same, meaning some can charge you per hour, while others might strike a deal for a percentage after winning the case.

The last thing you want is a major bill at the end of the day and you didn’t see it coming. But don’t be a victim when you can just call an experienced labor lawyer in Montreal to help you.